Philippine has announced that it’s ready to help thousands of stateless sea-borne stranded Rohingya people; did anyone feel shame on this humanitarian gesture from a poor Catholic country? Both Indonesia and Malaysia are Muslim countries, with robust and stable economies, but have refused to rescue these unfortunate starving souls, who are fighting for their lives, while water and food have almost finished on the boats. As per earlier reports, even the fishing boats in Malacca Strait have officially been told not to extend any helping to Rohingya.

This is a real crisis; where are the UN, UNHCR, ASEAN and OIC? Other than sending out messages; both UN and UNHCR have done nothing much to prevent this catastrophe unfolding at sea. We know the West has its own business interests in Myanmar, and are seeking to further its economy but that should not mean closing your eyes from brutality going on in Myanmar, in the name of nationalism. Rohingya have been living in Myanmar for centuries; if their forefathers fought alongside Allies in WW-II, then what’s the point of punishing their children and grandchildren?

In 1982 Myanmar’ Communist regime stripped them of citizenship and this triggered decades of prosecution against Rohingya. Some declared them Bangladeshis, pushed them across borders by massacring and looting their villages. But the isolated communist regime is a thing of past; Myanmar’ commitment towards democracy has opened up doors for trade with outside world including the western countries.


Saudi Arab, May 21.