Mobile phone is a device that is used to make and receive calls. The whole world is accepting and adopting the ways towards the advancement of technology. 

Now The Question arises: how it affects the youth? Simple, the answer is the excessive use of mobile phones reflects badly on the youth. They waste their time in useless conversations via chatting on cell phones. Mobile phones have changed the culture of networking in the present era. Mobile phone has left impact on almost every field of life but its impact on the students is very deep and multidimensional. It has made the people closer day by day. 

Most of us have stayed on the use of mobile much longer than we had originally intended. But, when you start looking for signs of addiction you can almost always notice the same pattern. The typical pattern is as follows, lost track of time, conscious efforts to cut back on mobile time and repeatedly failing, thinking frequently about the computer when not using it, or constantly looking forward to the next opportunity to use it. 

Some of the long-term effects of mobile addiction which include (include what?) but are not limited to: carpal tunnel, diminishing eye sight, weight gain, back problems. Long-term sleep deprivation can cause drowsiness, problems concentrating, and slowing of the immune system. Mobile addiction can also indirectly lead to poor overall physical condition and even obesity. Sooner than later, the consequences of Mobile addiction will catch up to the user. Late-night use or misuse on the job will affect overall job performance, which could eventually lead to demotion or job loss. 

Some causes of cell addiction start when you open the internet browser for the first time and find something that is capable of holding your attention for what seems like only minutes, which eventually turns into hours. For example dote, it is one of the most popular online games today and if you find it interesting you will start to get addicted to it. Not only in mobile games but also in networking sites like face book and twitter and also maybe because of the influence of their friends and having no goals in life that’s why they are engaging to that kind of thing. 

So before it’s too late we must learn to manage our time in using our internet so that we will not get addicted to it. And we must start to live with the fullest not with the fantasy. Although use of mobile and internet is very necessary in our lives but only in a positive manners. 


Lahore, May 24.