LAHORE - The Lahore High Court yesterday issued notice to Government College University in a petition challenging appointment of Professor of Emeritus Dr Ikramul Haq as administrative head of two departments in violation of rules and regulations of High Education Commission of Pakistan.

Justice Syed Mansoor Ali Shah passed the order during the in-camera proceedings and adjourned further hearing until June 14.

As per HEC rules, a retired professor is appointed as Professor of Emeritus at universities for a period of 10 years in recognition of his/her services and is tasked the role of a think-tank to educate the students of higher studies. He/she is not allowed to hold an administrative charge.

PTI Opposition leader in Punjab Assembly Mian Mehmood-ur-Rasheed filed the petition through Advocate Chaudhary Shoaib Saleem.

During the hearing, the petitioner’s counsel alleged that Dr Ikramul Haq was appointed as administrative head of GCU's two departments in violation of merit. He alleged that Dr Haq was also interfering into administrative affairs of the varsity.

According to terms and condition for appointment as Professor of Emeritus, the counsel held, Dr Haq was not authorised to take charge of administrative seat of any department but he was holding two administrative posts: one of Chairman of Sport Board, and the other of Director of Research, Innovation & Commercialization.

Maalik ban hearing deferred: The LHC yesterday deferred hearing of petition challenging ban on film Maalik until June 02 for further arguments.

Opposition leader in Punjab Assembly Mian Mehmood Rashid and a citizen Munir Ahmad filed the petitions and submitted that the ban on the film is a violation of fundamental rights of citizens and the film has already been granted universal certificate issued from censor board which means that the content is worth watching and there is no objectionable content in it.

PIC drugs scam: The Lahore High Court has expressed dismay over non completion of inquiry into alleged scam of medicine purchase at Punjab Institution of Cardiology.

A sacked pharmacist, Fareeha Majeed had filed a contempt petition against Punjab Health Secretary and PIC Chairman Kh Ahmad Hassan, in which she submitted that she was denied access to the documents presented to the inquiry committee despite clear court order.

Fareeha said she was also not given right to be heard before the committee.

Justice Shams Mahmood Mirza expressed dismay and directed an assistant advocate general and health secretary to give access to the petitioner to the documents presented to the inquiry committee. The judge also allowed the petitioner to submit more documents in this regard. Further hearing was adjourned till June 15.

In her petition, Ms Fareeha said that the authorities were not allowing her to get into inquiry despite that she unearthed the scam and finally was removed from the job.

She further alleged the inquiry proceedings conducted by the health secretary were baised. Her counsel said that the court had ordered the inquiry on a petition filed by Punjab Assembly opposition leader Mian Mahmoodur Rashid.

According to Fareeha’s counsel, the petitioner requested the secretary to involve her in the inquiry proceedings since she had enough evidence to prove the mala fide on part of the medical superintendent and the medicine contractor.

But, according to the counsel, the petitioner was disallowed to join the inquiry owing to the influence exerted by PIC chairman Khwaja Ahmad Hassaan and Medical Superintendent Sohail Saqlain.