One of the major principles of true democratic culture are: THE media freedom and THE right of information to public awareness, for which, undoubtedly, all our leaders stand by. In recent interviews, statements given by the PTI leader and former (N) League leader at the time of media freedom wherein former stated that (N)League was helped by the Army in 2013 elections, play the game with his own umpires and these two brothers pursue the policies of one confrontation and other one of seeking forgiveness and the latter Whereas (N) League leader stated that he know many secrets behind 2014 sits in and aliens wanted to bring parliament of its own choice but they had lost the influence now are not minor statements of the Supremos of two national Parties to be over looked by Judiciary and civil-military leadership.

However, for judicious scrutiny of all these allegation, Firstly: the Apex Court must issue summons to these two leaders to explain with credible details in support of their respective statements which is very important before elections; secondly: For the good understanding of public as part of basic right to know and decide, we as Voters want to know the truth in details. On this positive note what we as public wants is need of ‘one mega live talk-show’ with coverage of all media channels including electronic and print media, be arranged. Wherein the Supremos of (N) League and PTI (Nawaz Sharif and Imran Khan) must be invited to sit ‘Face-to-Face’ and be allowed with credible details/evidences to support their respective statements.

As arranging of this kind of ‘Live Face-to-Face Talk Show’ of these two Supermos is imperative not only as mark of Media Freedom but also helps significantly for public awareness before upcoming election. This reality talk show will help the voters in true sense of terms to educate, inform and influence the voter as to decide who deserves theirs’s votes in coming election.


Karachi, May 4.