The departure of Fouzia Kasuri from Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaaf (PTI) is a huge blow to the party, especially when it claims to be true to its core even today. It is a shame that the founding members of the party are leaving because their demands are no longer accommodated and the party is in a constant state of flux due to its changing narratives. Since the 2013 elections, PTI has been struggling to keep the party intact. This is especially true for the founding members, who joined the party on the basis that its uniqueness would be the non-selection of electables to contest the elections. However, as the party has gained the experience of governing a province, it has also come to realise the necessity that electables are to the general elections.

However, a party which is not able to address the concerns of those who have been struggling to make it relevant in the Pakistani political scene since its early days and is solely relying on faces which will bring in votes; it is going to be quite tasking to actually pull off policies and actions as promised before the elections if they come into power. The idea is simple, founding members tend to be more loyal to the party than those shifting with the winds. It is difficult to churn out concrete policies and ensure timely action if the party is solely based on

The differences boiling between PTI stalwarts Shah Mahmood Qureshi and Jehangir Khan Tareen are open to the public eye too. This shows the amount of uncertainty between the PTI internal group and a lack of coherent ideology that binds the party and gives them a sense of direction as to what the future course of action will be. At the same time, as these differences further unfold, many members end up leaving the party. However, PTI’s classic response is maligning these members instead of owning up to its weaknesses or trying to come up with a strategy that balances out the concerns of both sides.

We have seen a similar reaction in the case of Fauzia Kasuri. The party did not waste time in maligning one of their own for attempting to disagree with its decisions and choosing to criticise them. Only time will tell whether the departure of Fauzia will affect the party in the upcoming general elections and showcase whether or not PTI has shrunk to a constituency politics party.