ISLAMABAD: Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif has said Pervez Musharraf trial has to reach its logical conclusion one day and no law can stop his trial.

Pervez Musharaf can not escape his trial. It will reach its logical end today or six months later. Musharaf trial is and open and shut case that is why he is not returning to Pakistan. However such type cases can not be taken back.

"This is high treason case”, he said this in an informal chat with the journalists on the occasion of hearing of Avenfield Reference in Accountability Court (AC) here on Friday.

He remarked, “ a prime minister is appearing in the courts 70 times but the dictator is absconding".

"Pervez Musharraf used to show his fist saying that here is his power, where has gone that fist? The coward who is sitting outside the country should hit himself with the same fist," he added.

Criticizing Chairman PTI Imran Khan Nawaz said Imran used the word curse for parliament. Upon which he is sending curse? he took full advantage of it. If this is not unparliamentarily then it is called licking after spitting.

Imran Khan will give an explanation about his act and words related to parliament, he stated.

Regarding the name of the care taker prime minister, Nawaz said why the name of the care taker prime minister has not been finalized?

If no consensus is reached then the matter will go to parliament.