MIRPUR (AJK)-Azad Jammu & Kashmir Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider Khan has said that the people of Azad Jammu and Kashmir will be constrained to break the shackles of Line of Control (LoC) to help out their brethren struggling for liberation of the motherland from India yoke if New Delhi does not stop increased atrocities, reign of state terrorism and massive human rights abuses in occupied Jammu and Kashmir

The AJK prime minister expressed the views while addressing a ceremony held in the State’s metropolis to pay rich tributes to political and religious services of late hero of the Kashmir freedom struggle and Mir Waiz of Kashmir Moulvi Muhammad Yousuf Shah on his 52nd death anniversary here the other day.

Mir Waiz was a historic personality who devoted his whole life for Kashmir liberation struggle, he said while paying rich tributes to the departed leader.

He said there is no precedence in the subcontinent’s history of the tenacity and courage with which Kashmiri nation is resisting 4th largest military of the world in Indian held Jammu & Kashmir.

Farooq Haider continued that belonging to a reputed religious family of Jammu and Kashmir, late Mirwaiz completed his studies in Darul Aloom Deoband. “He also guided and led Kashmiri Muslims in political arena to the best of his high intellect and pen, he said.

Haider recalled that when the despotic forces put a ban on sermon of Eidul Fitr in Indian held Kashmir, Mir Waiz along with other religious and political leaders launched a struggle against such coercive move and highhandedness against the Kashmiri Muslims in the occupied valley. Mir Waiz, he said, led a simple life which is clear from his visit to AJK when he came with the only dress that he had put on.

“He did not mint money, rather served people of Kashmir with all the commitment and passion”, Farooq Haider said adding “I still categorically remember that late Mirwaiz was one of the most respectful figures of his time”. He emphasized that we should all make efforts to complete the mission left by Mir Waiz.

Referring to the continued delay in settlement of Kashmir issue because of the continued stubborn and unjust behaviour of New Delhi, the AJK prime minister said that Kashmir liberation struggle would never be cooled down as Kashmiris including youth, women, elderly people have shed their sacred blood for it.

The PM expressed gratitude to the people and the government of Pakistan for their continual unflinching support to the Kashmir cause showing complete solidarity and overwhelming support to their Kashmiri brethren in their just and principled struggle for liberation of the motherland from Indian yoke.

The strong commitment of valiant armed forces of Pakistan to Kashmiri people in their just and principled struggle for the achievement of their birth right to self determination has always been unprecedented, he remarked.

Farooq Haider assured APHC leaders that people and government of AJK stand behind them in their just struggle for liberation. He said we have set aside 5 billion’s package for people living close to LoC who are victim of Indian forces firing.