ISLAMABAD- Islamabad Wildlife Management Board (IWMB) during the week conducted different raids in the federal capital and released over 365 illegally kept birds.

The raids were conducted by IWMB team under the supervision of Chaudhary Salman Qamar and Zaheer Khan, said IWMB Assistant Director Sakhawat Ali while talking to APP.

He informed that the raids were carried out from May 21 in various markets of the federal capital to curb illegal poaching and wildlife trade.

In the first raid on May 21, he said two bird sellers were held and around 60 to 70 House Sparrows and Indian Baya Weavers were released. In the second raid on May 22 about 150 spotted Munia and 15 Indian Baya Weavers were confiscated from the bird sellers and consequently released into the wild habitat, he added.

However, in the third operation on May 23 it released 130 spotted Munia and 70 Indian Baya Weavers.

In continuation of the crackdown against illegal poachers and birds sellers, the IWMB also confiscated more than 160 wild birds including Spotted Munia and Baya Weaver from Jinnah Super Market which were then released in the wild in the presence of the IWMB officers and staff.

To a question, Sakhawat Ali said that it was the ongoing breeding season of these birds which also had posed risk to their population in the wild.