Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Secretary General Amirul Azeem has said that until and unless the system given by the holy Quran was enforced in the country, the problems facing the country and the nation could not be solved.

He was speaking at the concluding ceremony of the Daura Tafseear at Mansoora mosque. JI deputy chief Prof. Muhammad Ibahim Khan, Hafiz Muhammad Idreesand Maulana Abdul Akbar Chitrali, MNA also spoke on the occasion.

Amirul Azeem said that the rulers were afraid of the colonial powers but did not fear Allah Almighty. He said that since the establishment of Pakistan, dictatorship had been thrust on the country in the garb of democracy.

He said that Allah had termed interest as a war against Allah and His noble Prophet and those dreaming of progress through interested based economy were living in fools’ paradise.

Amirul Azeem said the JI was striving for the Nizam e Mustafa in the country. He said the masses could be saved from the present oppressive and exploitative system only by enforcing the system given by Quran.

He said that if the people wanted to get out of the present difficulties, they should vow to support the struggle for the Quranic system in the country.