KARACHI   -   Federal Minister for Railways Sheikh Rasheed Ahmed said on Friday that 34 kilometers track of the Karachi Circular Railway had been cleared from encroachments and vowed that remaining track would be evacuated soon.

Talking to media men outside Karachi Airport after his arrival, Sheikh said they have been tasked with removal all encroachments from the KCR track by the apex court and we will ensure compliance of the Supreme Court’s directives. He said that the PC-I of the KCR was made by the provincial government and now its criticising the federal government. “We will hand over the KCR track by removing all encroachments within 15 days,” he added and said that ML-1 and KCR tracks are not colliding.

The minister went on to say that Sindh has become ‘Aidistan’, saying that every other children is diagnosed with Aids. Larkana is the hub of Aids. To a question, he said that rupee is devalue owing to incompetence of the previous government, adding that no government take tough decision in its first few months but the PTI had to. “Imran Khan would complete his term as Prime Minister,” he added.

Replying a query, Railways Minister said Indian Premier Narrendra neither asked votes from Muslims nor he gave tickets to Muslim candidates. “I had earlier predicted that Modi will win the elections,” he said.