In our society, there is no value of transgender persons. People neither give them respect nor decently behave with them. Even their family do not accept them. They live like hoboes. In our society, they are deprived of any job; thus, they do not have any option of earning other than begging on the street to survive.

In short, in our society, there are no rights for transgender. They have no rights to educate themselves, no rights to live like an ordinary person just because they are transgender. If we think about this matter, then we realise that we are very wrong. If they are not like us, it is not their fault; therefore, it is the volition of Allah.

Now, we must behave well with them and give them due care and respect, so that they can live like a common person.

Above all, our state should provide them employment, and look into their grievances like those of other ordinary people.


Karachi, May 9.