HAFIZABAD - With the advent of summer and rainy season, sanitary conditions in the city and other parts of the district have worsened.

There are heaps of filth and garbage at the corner of almost every street particularly near the entrance of educational institutions and mosques. The filth depots still exit near different schools and on busy thoroughfares. The sewerage system in most of the localities often remains chocked and open drains overflowed even after light rain.

Since the dissolution of Municipal Committee, the sanitary condition has further worsened as there is no proper monitoring by the administrator. The condition in the old city particularly narrow lanes is absolutely miserable and the stink emanating from the open drains has made the lives of the citizens miserable. Moreover, no efforts has so far been made by the authorities to spray the narrow lanes with insecticides as a result of which swarms of mosquitoes and flies have made the lives of the citizens absolutely miserable.

The district administration and the MC had planted ornamental plants and precious grass on the green belt in Jinnah Chowk to beautify the entry of the city but due to negligence of the concerned authorities, the plants and grass have been dried up and the green belt is littered with garbage and shoppers. The authorities should ponder over this issue and take appropriate steps to make the clean and green Pakistan campaign, a success.

When contacted the Combined Bargaining Agent (CBA) Secretary General Hanif and others said that during the past five years population of the city has been increased to over five lakh and the city has been scattered to over two miles but the MC has still 160 sweepers at its disposal and it was humanly impossible for 160 sweepers to maintain sanitary conditions in all the localities. They demanded at least 500 more sweepers and provision of different cleaning equipments for ensuring better sanitary conditions in the city.