On November 22, the hot news was the list of people that had benefited from the NRO. The surprise is that out of more than 8,000 beneficiaries, only 34 turned out to be politicians. All others are either bureaucrats or civilians. The politicians, thus, are right in claiming that they have been brought to unnecessary disrepute out of proportion with their role in the matter. Here are two questions to be pondered: were these 8,000 minus 34 were acting for themselves or were they front men and facilitators of the 'merely' 34? Did all these bureaucrats act on their own? Was the NRO promulgated for those more than 8,000 (minus 34) or for just one 'person' and her 'spouse'? The 'person' and his 'spouse' had to be relieved from the so-called 'political victimization' in order to bring them back into power with no strings attached. If in lieu of one or two persons, thousands of others reap the benefits of this bad law, is that fair? This, after all, was a political law aimed at cleansing politicians, or relieving them of the burden of so-called 'political victimization'. -SYED SAYEF HUSSAIN, Karachi, November 22.