LAHORE - The Directorate General of Intelligence & Investigation FBR Regional office, Lahore busted a gang of fraudsters involved in issuance of fake Sales Tax invoices to different manufactures, wholesalers enabling them to claim illegal input tax adjustment, said spokesman of FBR on Tuesday. He said three accused including one employee, Mirza Arif Baig, UDC of Regional Tax Office, Lahore arrested in case FIR No 14, 09, disclosed that they in collusion with Asif Hanif, Farhan Chaudhary, Iftikhar, Nasir Raheem and others were operating as a gang for the purpose of issuing fake sales tax invoices. They misused sales tax registration numbers of more than 66 registered persons. Monthly sales tax returns were filed during the period July-08 to date through web portal by unauthorised use of PIN codes and user IDs of different registered persons without their consent. On the point of accused, a search was conducted after observing all legal formalities at 12-S. Rakhshanda Complex, Kashmir Block, Allama Iqbal Town and House No 6C, Huma Block, Allama Iqbal Town. Evidences in the form of stamps, blank signed chequebooks, computers containing electronic information, invoices, sales tax returns, users IDs and pin codes were recovered. Scrutiny of the record pertaining to 66 suppliers, recovered as a result of search, has revealed that they were non-operative and no taxable activity seems to have been conducted by these inactive registered persons themselves. By misuse of registration status of said registered persons, accused issued fake sales tax invoices to different manufacturers, wholesalers of engineering. Approximate loss to national exchequer is more than Rs.750m in these cases. GCU to stage 'Kamraa' The Govt College University Dramatics Club is staging a play Kamraa, an Urdu Adaptation of Manuel de Pederolos play, from December 6-8. The play is an absurdity reflection on the reality of our existence. It focuses on the desire for power that is inherent in human nature and the consequences that come along the power process. The play reflects on how we spend our entire life pursuing materialistic goals which ultimately when attained seem meaningless. The cast of the play includes Usman Mumtaz Butt, Afsheen Farooq, Rida Akram, Zohrain Bhaur, Maham Naz, Ali Sher and Faizan Ahmed Riaz.