ISLAMABAD Hundreds of affected families of South Waziristan Agency who have moved to bigger cities with a hope to acquire reasonable abodes for themselves are having a hard time to grapple with the issues of survival. According to unofficial data collected from different sources, over 60 families are believed to have arrived in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, around 43 families in Karachi, and as many as 52 and 110 families in Lahore and Peshawar respectively, besides Tank, Dera Ismail Khan and Bhakkar where around 400,000 IDPs have been registered. Numerous IDPs have reported to this newspaper that they prefer moving to big cities in search of better living conditions to combat intense weather, employment and shelter related issues, however, contrary to their expectations, the negligent demeanour of governmental quarters has subsequently multiplied the problems of the already aggrieved lot, particularly the ones sheltering in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore and Karachi. Hiring rental accommodation, getting admissions in schools, sheltering in a respectable locality, and above all, the provisions of job opportunities alongside health facilities remain a far-fetched dream for them. On account of absence of IDPs camps, over 300 displaced people are sheltering in the slums and peripheral localities with their kith and kin here in twin cities at Chak Shehzad, Christian Colony, outskirts of Motorway, Lal Kurti and Dhoke Khabba while the affectees in Lahore and Karachi are also passing through the same ordeal, as majority is dwelling in shanty localities. Surprisingly, no governmental body, civic agency or international organisation working in humanitarian sector is ready to assume the responsibility of these unregistered IDPs who have moved to alternative locations on their own. Although the process of registration in Dera Ismail Khan, Tank, Bhakkar and Peshawar has been conducted on intensive bases and over 400,000 displaced people have been brought under registration net, thousands of displaced people who have moved to other cities still remain unregistered and are thus deprived of governmental assistance and support. The amount of Rs. 5,000 being given to every IDP family that gets itself registered with related official bodies does not satisfy their day-to-day needs, however it renders some help to the displaced lot in coping with the issues of survival. While those IDPs who are receiving the said amount from the Government on monthly basis have complained that it is virtually impossible for them to get both the ends meet with this meagre sum of money, those who are not registered and are not supported at all due to the absence of IDP rehabilitation camps and registration centres in major cities are waiting for some miracle to happen for human role proves hopeless in this regard. Unlike the affectees of Swat and Malakand division who were given warm welcome by government, allied NGOs and host communities, the sufferers of South Waziristan are given a cold shoulder in most parts of the country with exception to Tank, Dera Ismail Khan, Peshawar and Bhakkar. IDPs say that things are getting worse for them with each passing day under present situation. We dont have a single penny to feed our families, there are no jobs and no living opportunities, we are ready for registration but where should we go? Theres no one to listen to us, IDPs told this correspondent while waiting for some divine interference.