LANDI KOTAL The security forces killed 18 militants and arrested six others in different areas of tehsil Bara on Tuesday in a campaign to break the network orchestrating attacks on NATO supplies to Afghanistan and carrying out bombings in the country. Sharing details, FC Media Cell Spokesman Major Fazal-ur-Rehman said that operation against miscreants in Khyber Agency had been boosted and expanded to different other areas. Gunship helicopters pounded the suspected hideouts of militants and as a result 18 miscreants were killed while 6 others were arrested, he added. 12 vehicles of the insurgents were also destroyed while forces recovered heavy weapons from them, he maintained. The security forces conducted action in different areas including Gorgori, Sheenkamr and Meru Khel, he said. Prior to operation, the security forces clamped curfew in Bara and troopers were deployed on all important buildings and points of Khyber Agency. Moreover, forces extended their activities in tehsil Jamrud and entered Chora to get control of Toro mountains, as militants usually conduct attacks on Landi Kotal from these heights.