I want to draw the attention of the Chairman CDA towards the urgent need for two pedestrian bridges at the two sites near the Sunday Bazaar. One may join the Allama Iqbal Open University Road with Sunday Bazaar passing over the 9th Avenue and the other may be constructed on the Motorway side to cover the requirement of the G-9 sector. The growing traffic mess and flood of vehicles all around the Sunday Bazaar wastes a lot of precious time of those caught in a jam. While planning for public places that are likely to have such large gatherings, we tend to totally ignore the need and space for pedestrians and often do not provide easy exit/access routes for the walking. I suggest that one of the adjacent nurseries to Sunday Bazaar may be taken over and turned into a bus & wagon stand for facilitating the general masses. The two pedestrian bridges here would ease out the entry and exit of people. There is always a haphazard situation in the Bazaar and if the PM or President decide to visit it once a month in person, as they are lately wont to do, the security planners immediately block everything here. As is our tradition, facilities are created for the VIPs even if it means bother and pain for the general masses. -SABA GUL, Islamabad, November 24.