The NRO list made public by the PPP Minister of State for Law says that Altaf Bhai has committed more than thirty murders. I do not believe this. He is not a serial killer. He is a thorough gentleman who is leading a pious life of seclusion in a deserted and remote area of London. Leaving one's country is no joke. He has been in England for over a decade without any job and legitimate source of earning. Those who think he is a criminal have a criminal bent of mind. How can a civilized country like UK allow any criminal to stay in UK? We have now been told that the PPP would soon issue a revised list of the NRO beneficiaries as the first list missed the names of some very high profile beneficiaries like Benazir Bhutto Shaheed. I hope the revised list would have her name in it while the name of Altaf Bhai would be deleted. Likewise, I pray names of the other MQM ministers and Governor are also removed from the list. Publishing names of the MQM members is suicide for the PPP. Imagine if the MQM withdraws its support from the government, where would the PPP be? The PPP would have to buy fresh lotas and that would cost billions. And to think that even the money promised under the Kerry-Lugar Bill has not arrived yet -GHAREEB TURABI, Naudero, November 24.