There is a very thin line between safeguarding the national interests, irrespective of what these are, and damaging them by making the information about highly sensitive defense and security matters public. There is no denying the fact that nuclear scientist Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan had rendered invaluable services and made invaluable contribution to the cause of making Pakistan a nuclear power, first among the Muslim Ummah. That is why he is not only respected but loved by Pakistanis across the country. But all this bestows greater responsibilities on the shoulders of this great nuclear scientist with regard to safeguarding the national interests that concern our nuclear programme. The US newspaper, The Washington Post is an unofficial spokesman of the White House. Recently, the WP carried a story wherein a lot of information about Pakistan's nuclear programme was given on the basis of a letter which the nuclear scientist had written to his wife about five years back. Using the Washington Post story as the basis, a journalist working for a newspaper of Pakistan contacted Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan who owned and confirmed the contents of the Washington Post story. As a matter of fact, in order to malign former President General Pervez Musharraf, Dr Qadeer Khan gave out even more sensitive information which was used by the Pakistani newspaper without realizing it. I think Dr Khan has damaged the supreme national interests of the country. -M. A. KANRAN, Lahore, November 24.