KARACHI - Though the MQM-PPP relations are worsening day by day, and the gap between the both parties are widening since after the MQMs decision of not supporting the NRO in the parliament but the MQM has yet not decided to part its ways with the ruling coalition. The MQM and PPPs relation were in hot waters and the exchange of hot statements was adding fuel to it. The emerging gap between the two parties could also affect the reconciliatory environment between the urban and rural areas of Sindh. The widening gulf between the PPP and the MQM is, however, not in the interest of the political system, which is already charged. The MQM stance on the NRO, which ditched the PPP in the Parliament as the latter has failed to present the NRO in the parliament after the opposition of MQM, which shocked the top PPP leadership that had confident to obtain the MQMs support on the issue. The government had issued the list about the NRO beneficiaries which had also infuriated the MQM as they claimed that PPP takes the revenge with the MQM leadership through portraying that MQM was the leading beneficiary of the NRO. Not only that the MQM has throughout been taking a position against corruption, it has also been publicly expressing concern over the reports of corruption and bad governance of the current regime of which, ironically, it is a partner. The MQM appears to have been agitated by the inclusion of the names of its chief, Altaf Hussain, and his top aides in the list of NRO beneficiaries. The party seems to have taken it as a conspiratorial reaction to its refusal to vote for the NRO.They said that majority of the cases against the MQM leadership had been lodged in the government of the PPP adding that the PPPs government had started the army operation against the MQM in early 90s. When contacted MQM deputy parliamentary leader in National Assembly, Haider Abbas Rizvi told The Nation that MQM was not considering to leave the government as we would not in the favour to derail the democratic process. He said that the statements issued by some PPPs leaders including Federal Minister Qamar-uz-Zaman Kaira against the MQM leadership were deplorable. We are not considering to leave the government but the ruling party leadership were pushed the MQM on that side, he maintained. Rizvi said that the cases against MQM chief Altaf Hussain and MQM leaders were not of corruption registered by the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) adding that all the cases registered against the party leadership were during the states operation against MQM. Altaf was not in the country, when the state machinery had lodged fake cases against him. However, the informed sources in the MQM told that the party was not willing to leave the government but the attitude of the PPPs government has compelled the MQM to take any decision regarding the future course of action as they said that the PPP leadership has failed to fulfil the commitments it made with the MQM on various issues. They said that December will be the crucial for the ties between the both parties, if the ice would not melt between the both parties than its seems difficult that both would work together in future.