KARACHI - The Karachi Fish Harbour Authority (KFHA) has sent a request letter to the Rangers authorities not to move its personnel from the harbour till the visit of European Union (EU) delegation is over, The Nation has learnt. As per detail, after the postponement of the visit of EU delegation to the Karachi Harbour, the KFHA higher officials asked the rangers authorities to be remain deployed there in order to thwart any possible terrorist activity during the new scheduled visit of the EU. Two rangers mobiles were deployed in the mid of November at the harbour to maintain the rules and regulations that would meet with the criteria of international standards lest the foreign visitors should take is against the required policies adopted in Pakistan. On the request of the KFHA, the rangers personnel had to be deployed there till November 27 during which the EU delegation was scheduled to arrive here and make their visit to examine the harbours arrangements as the government had done. But their visit was postponed due to some reasons, and now the KFHA officials still wanted to have the deployment of the rangers to maintain the security arrangements to attract the EU delegation. The KFHA has sent a letter to the Director General Pakistan Rangers (Sindh), through Commandant of Abdullah Shah Ghazi, wing requesting the officials not to move the deployment of the rangers till the visit of EU, which is expected in January. The KFHA officials after receiving the confirmation from the EU officials to visit the harbour for examining the arrangements for the harbour renovation. They have made good arrangements to attract the EU hoping the lift of the ban on the exports of Pakistani fish. The public relation officer of Pakistan Rangers (Sindh) when contacted by The Nation has declined having any information in this regard. It is pertinent to mention here that the EU had imposed ban on the export of Pakistani sea food by dint of using unhygienic storage system but they also assured the Pakistani authorities about lifting the ban if fishing boats and storage system meet the requirements of international standard. Earlier, the Pakistani authorities have claimed that fishing boats lack necessary basic equipment like warning system and alarms, chilling and storage units besides a string of other facilities that are mandatory for fishing boats as per EU guidelines. It is to be noted that Live Stock and Fisheries Department has claimed to have almost completed the development work in which total 89 boats including 71 large boats and 18 small ones have been upgraded or repaired through financing by the Sindh government. On the other hand, as many as 28 boats, 16 large and 12 small, have been upgraded through private financing, while some 50 stainless steel hand pallet trucks have also been introduced along with the plastic pallets of fish and related products from the jetty to the auction hall. Plastic crates have also been provided to handle fish and fish products at jetties and the auction hall, and the provision of potable water has been ensured for the cleaning of jetties and auction halls. Moreover, fumigation has been carried out in the auction halls and the same is being done on the boats.