Every day, the common citizen suffers due4 to the red-taped obstructions caused by the corruption-infested bureaucracy. Nothing moves without greasing the palms of civil servants. The cancer of corruption has destroyed our law enforcement agencies and lower judiciary totally and driven the state to near financial insolvency because of the graft in state-owned corporations that were once profitable. During the nine-year Musharraf misrule, this menace also infested the serving or retired khakis that were assigned to various posts in the civil services. The maximum number of houses and apartments owned by Pakistanis in the central London are those that belong to the civil and uniformed bureaucracy of our country. On Edgeware Road, there are scores of apartments owned by serving and retired members of civil and uniformed bureaucracy. President Musharraf has recently joined all the other members of this elitist club whose hands are tainted with this poor nation's ill-begotten wealth. Numerous members of a Karachi-based party also own several houses in London. Pakistan's Kashoggi, Brigadier Niaz has a huge villa in London. The list of such men is endless whose income tax declarations or wealth statements filed in Pakistan declare them as mere lower middle class. The issue is rather straightforward; people who have acquired assets that are more than their declared sources of income anywhere in the world have to be prosecuted. -IRFAN BUTT, UK, November 24.