ISLAMABAD President Pakistan Peoples Party (Sherpao), Aftab Ahmed Khan Sherpao, has demanded a Balochistan like package for NWFP to help rebuild the province ravaged due to ongoing war on terror. Talking to media persons at the Parliament House, Aftab Sherpao said that economic situation of the province was badly affected due to current law and order situation and an economic package for the province was direly needed. To a question, he said the province had been under abnormal circumstances for the past three decades; as it faced huge influx of Afghan refugees, it was devastated by earthquake, and now for the past several years has been facing the brunt of the militants. Sherpao, who had served as NWFP chief minister and federal interior minister, said that National Finance Commission Award was for all the provinces and as the NWFP was passing through extraordinary circumstances, extraordinary measures would be required to settle the things. Responding to a question about Balochistan package, Sherpao said it was the beauty of a democracy that matters and disputes were settled through negotiations and dialogues unlike dictatorial regimes where things were dictated.