Security agencies are involved in extrajudicial killings in Balochistan, Chief Minister Sardar Aslam Raisani said on Wednesday. Some of the abductions and killings are definitely carried out by security agencies, the CM told BBC in an exclusive interview in Islamabad. He also stressed that some of the deaths were the responsibility of tribesmen who have been fighting for greater political autonomy. They (insurgents and security agents) have been targeting each others activists, he said. Human rights campaigners said they were astounded by the chief ministers candour. Ali Dayan Hasan of Human Rights Watch told BBC: The chief ministers casual acceptance that the agencies are disappearing and possibly killing citizens is preposterous and appalling. He should be seeking to hold intelligence agencies accountable rather than appearing to give them sanction for a policy of disappearances and summary execution. Raisani also said that he does not have the mandate to negotiate with the Baloch activists. A year after the introduction of Aghaz-e-Haqooq-e-Balochistan Package in the Parliament, he said: I am not authorised to hold parleys with my disgruntled brothers. I discussed the matter with the president and the prime minister but I dont have the mandate. He further said that anyone, who thought that the president, the prime minister, the governor and the chief minister would resolve the issue on their own, had the wrong impression. Raisani made it clear that he was ready for dialogue but others would have to adopt the same approach, but unfortunately, there was no positive response. Talking about the progress made so far, he said the construction of the proposed cantonments had been stopped while no new facility was being built. The Army had returned to Quetta after vacating Sui and Dera Bugti and these areas were handed over to the Frontier Corps (FC) while the FC checkposts had also been abolished. Aghaz-e-Haqooq-e-Balochistan has been launched after the passage of 63 years and its implementation would take some time. You cannot end the sufferings spanning over a period of six decades, and the neglect we have experienced in a year. You will have to wait. The process would be slow as we dont have any magic wand, he remarked. About the missing Baloch persons, Raisani said the organisations working underground tended to kill each other as well. Look around the world and in Palestine. Perhaps some of them are picked up by the agencies but they are killing each other too. There are people staying in Kabul or Dubai and they are being described missing at home. I personally know many of them, he said, adding that he could not solve the problem alone and all the stakeholders would have to sit together for finding a solution. However, he blasted the saga of missing persons, saying he hoped that it would not be repeated in the future. Raisani rued the fact that he, his son and his brother Lashkari are on the hit list. The subversive outfits call themselves the nationalists. I am also a nationalist; I am also a Baloch. But they are killing each other. The war of interests has started. About the targeted killings, he rejected the impression that the govt had failed to stop them and claimed that some of the culprits had also been arrested.