ISLAMABAD - Following an announcement of his government, according to which only 21,700 migrants from non-European countries would make entry to UK under the skilled and highly skilled routes, British High Commissioner in Pakistan said it was not Pakistan-specific. These are global measures which affect all non-EU countries. Let me clear you that all these measures are not specific to Pakistan, UK High Commissioner to Pakistan, Adam Thomson told journalists during a briefing here at British High Commission on Wednesday afternoon. Thomson said that UK government was under the impression that these measures would help ensure that UK remains top destination for inward investors and entrepreneurs, whilst fulfilling the coalition governments aim to impose an annual limit on the number of non-EU economic migrants coming to UK to live and work in order to reduce net immigration. The UK government has committed to introduce an annual limit of 21,700 for those coming into the UK under the skilled and highly skilled routes - 20,700 under the skilled route and 1000 under the new exceptional talent route, Adam told journalist adding that UK is also committed to raising minimum salary to 40,000 GBP (per annual) for those coming through intra-company transfer route for more than 12 months. Adam especially mentioned that the measures have been set following the advice of Independent Migration Advisory. Earlier, the High Commissioner along with staff of communication department of British High Commission apologised from the journalists who experienced difficulties getting through security. Journalists, who were invited to attend the briefing of British High Commissioner on Wednesday, were subjected to immense security check including pat-downs amid their entry into premises of British High Commission. The security officials deputed at the main gate of BHC asked the journalist to make a queue to pass through security barrier. Meanwhile, they took almost 4-5 minutes to clear each journalist. Even the journalists were not allowed to take their cell phones inside. Amid complaints from the journalist, Adam Thomson requested them to be patient and assured them that the same will not be repeated. Answering a query regarding cricketers, Adam said county cricketers would need to apply under Tier 2 (since they will be earning a salary in the UK) - the cap covers this category. However, international players visiting for matches can continue to apply as sports visitors, for which there is no cap, he added. Adam told journalists that a total of 3,225 Pakistani illegal immigrants were deported from the UK in 2009. This compares with illegal immigrants from Brazil (5,790), India (6,190) and Afghanistan (5,370) who were also removed or departed voluntarily in 2009, Adam Thomson mentioned. He further said that Pakistani illegal immigrants represented just fewer than 5 per cent of all removals (deportations) from the UK in 2009. The 2009 pattern has so far been repeated in 2010.