Pakistan said Thursday that most of the explosives used in bomb attacks on its territory were smuggled from Afghanistan but insisted it was restricting the cross-border movement of insurgents fighting US troops. All these IEDs (improvised-explosive devices) are actually being transported from Afghanistan to Pakistan, Interior Minister Rehman Malik told a national conference on countering the threat from roadside bombs. With naked eyes, you can see on the border that the terrorists are coming towards Pakistan, along with arms and ammunition. Seven paramilitary troops were wounded in a bomb attack on the outskirts of Hangu in Pakistans northwest on Thursday, police and security officials said. Relations between Afghanistan and Pakistan are characterised by mutual suspicion, although ties between the two governments have recently improved. Taliban insurgents fighting for nine years against the foreign forces are alleged to have rear bases in Pakistan, where Afghan and US officials say their leaders enjoy at least some measure of protection from Pakistan.