The one fundamental flaw of our prevailing education system is that from its very inception it has been aligned with that of the West. Having slavishly succumbed themselves to the 'white mans burden, our Macaulian-cum-educationists neglected to take a broader sociological view of education. They failed to realize that the socio-psycho-cultural realities in our part of the developing world vastly differed from that of the developed one. This surely necessitated a peculiar approach suiting the former. However, it was scarcely actualized. Small wonder then, that our education system is assuming a level of ineffectiveness. Our students seem to be hardly aware of their own cultural ethos and literary spectrum, which lie buried under the debris of blind following of the West, cultural globalization and a persistent sense of self-diminishment. Certainly, the quality of education will improve when wise moves are encouraged. We need to realize that patronage of our own men and women of letters is essential to meaningful growth of our civilization. I fervently request the Ministry of Education to exemplify the pattern set by Prof Abid Hussian Shah to the academic institutes across the length and breadth of the country. INAYAT ATTA, November 24