LAHORE - No one knows where does the Sui Northern Gas Pipeline Limited (SNGPL) consume its over 1,950 MMCFD gas as CNG stations, industry owners and domestic consumers are all 'begging for CNG from the company since the winter season has started. Despite the tall claims of no loadshedding for domestic consumers, about all the areas of the city are getting low supply gas for the last many days, TheNation has learnt. The residents of Canal View, Johar Town, Township, Green Town, Faisal Town, Wapda Town and Garden Town and other areas said that they cannot even cook food due to low gas pressure. While the company spokesman and the company websites are all silent about the situation. The petroleum minister and all the officials of the SNGPL have always claimed that domestic users are their preference but in reality the company has totally ignored the domestic users and even not paying any attention to the complaints about low pressure. Company sources said that there were about 200 complaints of low gas pressure from the city daily adding the people make calls at the companys helpline but actions were not being taken. This scribe learnt that the company was supplying gas to big industrial units at the cost of domestic users by deliberately reducing gas pressure to houses, CNG stations and small industrial units. Every year, the SNGPL gave excuse of heaters and geysers for low pressure but interestingly, this year the temperature has not dropped that much and still majority of users are not using geysers and room heaters but gas is not available. No one in our area is using heater but even then we are getting low pressure, said a resident of Township. He added that the residents have lodged complaints with the SNGPL but no one came to address the complaints. They are only advising us for reducing the use of heaters and geysers. The companys officials have the privilege to reduce the gas pressure of domestic users through a Town Base Station (TBS), which is installed in different areas of the City. The sources said that the company was not facing any kind of gas deficit currently but due to political pressure it is providing gas to 'powerful industrial units contrary to their contracts. According to the contract, the industry sector will not enjoy the gas facility during the months of November, December and January. However, they are getting gas due to political-backing at the cost of suspension of supply to domestic users. Over 200 industrial units in the Punjab are enjoying gas these days contrary to the contract, the sources said. The company is saving about 100 MMCFD only from the City with the tactics of low supply to homes, they added.