ISLAMABAD Oil & Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) has imposed penalties on Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) Marketing Companies allegedly involved in overcharging, causing unavailability of product and absence of safety requirements, TheNation has reliably learnt. OGRAs official statement said that the authorised distributors of alleged LPG Marketing Companies were found involved in illegal activities. According to sources in OGRA, LPG marketing companies were found involved in charging over and above the notified rates besides minimum safety requirements were not up to the mark and even availability of product was not ensured. In order to ensure smooth supply of LPG at the notified rates, OGRA deputed its teams in various parts of the country. During the raids, inspection teams found violations of notified directions. Sources were of the view that LPG marketing companies had been informed in various meetings that OGRA would initiate stern action against any violation in future. An OGRA official while talking to TheNation on anonymity, said, Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) while taking stern actions of the violations fined, issued show cause notices and imposed penalties on various LPG marketing companies. LPG Marketing Companies including M/S Super Star Gas (PVT) Limited, M/S Wak Gas (Pvt) Ltd, M/S Fon Gas (Pvt) Ltd, Akbar Associates (Pvt) Ltd, M/S Pol Gas (Pvt) Ltd, Sun Gas (PvT0 Ltd and Cap Gas (Pvt) Ltd were issued only Show Cause Notices against violations. According to OGRA Official, Taking strict cognisance of the situation, the violating LPG Marketing Companies which could not defend/ justify their position have been fined for such violations. However, the fines imposed by OGRA on different companies are as follows: Fon Gas Rs100,000, SHV Rs500,000, ALPHA Gas Rs100,000 Lub Gas Rs200,000, Mehran Gas Rs100,000, Ravi Gas Rs200,000. However, experts said that OGRA should introduce new laws and policies to end the cartelisation of 'LPG Tycoons in LPG sector. It should cancel licences, and imprison those who were allegedly involved in violations. They were of the view that the e nominal fines and penalties could not bear fruits due to de-linking of LPG price with international market price because the government had placed consumers at the mercy of LPG companies who were making windfall profits as a consequence. Some powerful groups in LPG sector are also not only causing loss to the poor consumers of remote areas of Pakistan but also hefty losses to national exchequer through cartelisation in LPG sector, experts said. Chairman LPG Distributors Association Pakistan Irfan Khokar while talking to TheNation demanded revocation of licences of such companies as well as imposition of hefty fines to end the monopoly of 'gas mafia. He said the LPG Distributors Association Pakistan had complained many times against overcharging, deliberate withholding of stock and artificial shortage of LPG in the country to the concerned authorities and had suggested strict punishments. He was of the view that earlier they had provided evidence against their monopoly and cartelisation in LPG business to the Competition Commission of Pakistan (CCP) to prove them guilty and CCP had also imposed hefty fine worth Rs320 million to LUB Gas (Pvt) Ltd and Mehran Gas Company (Pvt) Ltd on the aforementioned charges. Since LPG quotas have been allotted to various blue-eyed persons of the country so no one in the country is ready to take action against them, he said.