ISLAMABAD Leader of the House in the Senate Syed Nayyer Hussain Bokhari was elected Chairman of the eight-member parliamentary committee on judges, part of the mechanism to appoint judges in the superior judiciary, while the committee also gave approval to the maiden recommendation of Judicial Commission to elevate Justice Ejaz Chaudhry as Chief Justice of Lahore High Court. The committee met here on Wednesday with Senator Syed Nayyer Hussain Bokhari, Ch Shujaat Hussain, Asma Arbab Alamgir, Senator Sabir Baloch, Ghaus Bux Mehr, Senator Ishaq Dar and Sardar Mehtab Khan Abbassi in attendance. The name of the Leader of the House in Senate Nayyer Bokhari was proposed for the slot of chairman by another treasury member ignoring the suggestion by opposition members to keep the slot of chairman rotating between the treasury and opposition members. Initially, the opposition members belonging to both PML-N and PML-Q had opposed Nayyer Bokharis candidature for the slot of chairmanship but after a long debate they agreed and Bokhari was made the chairman of the committee. Sources in the committee informed that the committee had also finalised the rules to run the affairs of the committee and decided that at least five members presence would be must for convening the meeting. About the term of the chairman, the sources in the committee informed that the chairman of the committee would remain intact till the time of re-election of any of the house of the Parliament. Explaining the point, the sources said that in case the current political dispensation is carried on smoothly election for the committee chief would be done after the Senate elections in 2012. Sources further informed that the committee could approve any name with a simple majority while for rejection of some name recommended for appointment in superior courts by the Judicial Commission it would be requiring three-fourth of strength that means six out of eight members would be required to turn down any recommendation of the Judicial Commission. To a question, the sources further informed that the committee could also call any person recommended by the Judicial Commission for questioning and by listing solid and concrete reasons could turn down the recommendation of the Judicial Commission. After the meeting Bokhari said that all the rules and regulations of the committee were almost approved and the details in this regard would be made public by the Secretary Senate Secretariat later. Agencies add: According to sources, the meeting also discussed the issue of removal of Senator Sabir Baloch to which Nayyer Bokhari said no member would be removed from the committee and Sabir would continue working. He said the body was working on the directives of the Supreme Court, therefore, the meeting was held in-camera. Later Senator Sabbir Baloch told media persons after the meeting that the chairmanship of the committee was offered to Ishaq Dar, Ch Shujaat Hussain and Sardar Mehtab Ahmed Khan but they recommended the name of Nayyer Bokhari, who was unanimously elected. Secretary Senate Raja Muhammad Ameen told that rules and regulations of the parliamentary committee for appointment of judges have been formulated. According to rules and regulations, the parliamentary committee will be reconstituted after every elections of National Assembly and Senate. The committee will work above political affiliations, and under Article 175-A of the Constitution will make decision regarding the names recommended by the Judicial Commission for appointment as judges within 14 days.