LAHORE The provincial sports associations on Wednesday announced to boycott the next months National Games in protest at the postponement of the Punjab Games. The Punjab Games were postponed for the fourth time on Monday and the associations are visibly upset over that. In a press conference called on Wednesday at a local hotel, members of Punjab sports associations demanded the government to sack secretary sports Saeed Ahmed Nawaz. Punjab taekwondo official Mushtaq Ahmed said the Punjab government should appoint someone with background in sports in the department. He said the officers appointed in Punjab sports get hefty amounts in salaries and perks and do nothing for games. He appealed to the government to seek audit of the Rs 20 million the government had released for holding Punjab Games. He said with postponement of the Punjab Games, it would almost impossible for athletes to prepare for the National Games. And without preparation, Punjab may will not able to maintain its position at the National Games which bring bad name to the associations. Painda Malik of the gymnastic blamed Punjab sports bureaucracy for the postponement of the games and said the government was not organising healthy activities for the new generation. Rashid Malik said with just a month left in National Games, Punjab had made no preparations and preparatory camp of no games was held. He said expecting Punjab athletes to win medals in such a situation would be unrealistic. Later they staged a small demonstration against Punjab sports officials. Meanwhile, secretary Punjab Olympic Association Idris Haider Khawaja, announced the official postponement of the Punjab Games. He said the PbOa did its best but due to lack of co-operation from the provincial sports officials, the Games could not be held.