ISLAMABAD Ruling coalition partners hand in gloves with the opposition parties made a daylong mockery of genuine opposition to the Reformed General Sales Tax (RGST) in the Senate Standing Committee on Finance and Revenue here on Wednesday. Chairman of the Senate body, MQM Senator, Ahmed Ali summoned an emergent meeting after reportedly arriving from abroad and declared unanimous approval of the Committee on Tuesday as unfair. He alleged that some forces had instrumented delay in his scheduled return from London. But he was unable to declare as unlawful the proceedings of Tuesday wherein the draft laws for both RGST and the flood tax were approved unanimously. After going through heated debate across the divides during a couple of lengthy sessions of the Committee parallel to the Upper House in session, the members of the body decided to attach the, apparently, latecomers dissenting notes to the draft passed on Tuesday. Eventually, the Federal Board of Revenue officials responsible for drafting of the RGST law were handed over four dissenting notes by the ruling partners namely ANP, MQM and by opposition parties including Jamaat-e-Islami and PML-Q. As against its public vows opposing the RGST, major opposition party PML-Ns member Senator Ishaq Dar gave out merely a note of observation including a set of suggestions to refine the draft of RGST law. The Committee gave the FBR three hours to look into these dissenting as well as recommendatory notes. At the end of the meeting that was not formal but haphazard again, it was settled between the members that the FBR would incorporate the acceptable points in all these attachments while the rest would be considered as dissenting notes. The FBR was supposed to handover the final draft of the law to the Parliamentary Affairs Ministry late Tuesday night that would go to the printing to make it ready for the meeting of the Committee on Thursday morning. The Committee is supposed to finalise its report to be laid down in the Senate on Thursday morning that would include the final draft and the dissenting notes attached to it. Eventually, the Senate would finalise its recommendations for the National Assembly that are not binding on the Lower House. Senior officials requesting anonymity told TheNation that both the ruling and opposition parties had this afterthought of giving out dissenting notes after the Bill was passed on the other day, as they faced a public reaction over the unanimous passage on Tuesday. Everyone including those in opposition was quite aware of the fact that the Government had already committed imposition of the RGST to the International Monetary Fund, the officials said. It was all about their political face saving, they added. Online adds: Chairman Senate Standing Committee on Finance Ahmed Ali meanwhile held a meeting with Chairman Senate Farooq H Naik and conveyed his reservations over railroading the RGST Bill through the Upper House body in his absence and demanded to call the meeting again to review the legislation. During the meeting, Naik told the MQM Senator that being the chairman of the committee, he had the privilege to summon the meeting of the body. Talking to media, Ahmed said he would not let the people get bulldozed by the RGST and that was reason he had summoned the standing committee meeting to review the details of the bill during which he would give his dissenting note. He alleged that in order to stop him from attending the meeting, the plane, in which he was travelling, had been stopped by force and he would raise the issue in the Senate. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani held a telephonic conversation with MQM chief Altaf Hussain late Tuesday night, asking him to support the Reformed General Sales Tax (RGST) Bill. According to sources, Altaf told Gilani that the MQM had some reservations over the proposed legislation and they would not vote in favour until and unless they were entertained, adding that the suggestions given by his party must be considered. The premier assured him that the economic team of the government would give a detailed and methodical briefing to the MQM parliamentarians for eliminating their apprehensions.