President Zardari, Prime Minister Gilani and COAS General Kayani, meeting at Islamabad on Tuesday, held out against the US demand for launching a military campaign in North Waziristan, maintaining that the situation, including the task of rehabilitation in flood-hit areas and security considerations, precluded the possibility of extending the operation. Sources, however, claim that the Troika decision apart, the government has committed to the USA to undertake the mission at the right time, and that is why General Petraeus raised his voice in its favour. Pakistan must plainly tell the USA that it has no intention at all to send its Army into North Waziristan. We are already paying a heavy price for taking on our citizens in tribal areas, having lost a large number of soldiers as well as tribesmen. And its repercussions in the rest of the country in the form of suicide bombings and insecurity should deter any sensible leadership from venturing into other areas. The scary situation stands exacerbated with the daily drone raids by the Americans. In this context, the Chief of Naval Staff, Adm Noman Bashir, while opposing drone attacks, has stated in unambiguous terms that whether it is the missiles fired by the drones or NATO helicopters incursions into Pakistan airspace, they constitute violation of our sovereignty. The collateral damage of drone attacks runs close to 2000 innocent lives, while the figure of so-called Al-Qaeda operatives killed is around 30. NATO helicopters were once again seen bombing the areas around Landi Kotal, though earlier when Pakistan had closed the Pak-Afghan border for vehicles carrying goods and fuel for allied forces in Afghanistan, they had apologised for violating our airspace to have the route opened. A strong protest must be made to the USA, warning it of an end to our cooperation, which in any case has been our great folly, if NATO persisted in this nefarious practice. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Leader Imran Khan has boldly stated that the drone raids are a glaring example of extrajudicial killings, and has appealed to the nation to stand up in defence of countrys sovereignty. The present set-up is tarnishing its image and also bringing a bad name to democracy when it condones killings of its own citizens. As our participation in the war on terror has cost us our stability, and threatens our very existence, there is little doubt that we would be better off out of it.