LAHORE - An accountability court on Wednesday summoned prosecution witnesses for second time in a reference filed against PML-N MNA Rana Nazeer, accused of misappropriation of Rs 46.37 million. As the court had already directed prosecution witnesses to appear before the court but they did not comply the court orders. On Wednesday, the court strictly directed prosecution to make presence of prosecution witnesses before the court and adjourned the hearing by December 11. According to National Accountability Bureau (NAB), Rana Nazeer is facing charges of misappropriation of Rs 46.37 million which he and his family were said to have made from public money. He had filed an acquittal application under 365-K of CrPC before the accountability court under National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO), saying after promulgation of the ordinance the reference against him had become ineffective so he might be acquitted. The accountability court had accepted his application and acquitted Nazeer in this reference. But the Supreme Court scrapped NRO in December 2009 and the accountability court had re-opened reference in December 2009 from a stage where it was closed down after the promulgation of NRO.