The Pakistan International Airlines is suffering from severe financial crisis. It is in fact, passing through a critical phase because of poor management, lack of maintenance, nepotism, corruption and financial issues. There are complaints of terrible service, delayed flights, emergency landings, cancellation of flights, shortage of planes, unclean toilets and non-serious attitude of the administration. These issues create frustration among the passengers. They feel fear while traveling through PIA. The airline is on the brink of disaster. It needs capable leadership, qualified and merit based staff and technically strong administration to improve its performance and save it from the clutches of the wolves. PIA has, in all, 39 aircrafts in its fleet. A number of aircrafts have been grounded due to shortage of spare parts or overhauling. These include Boeing 747s, and Airbus A 310. It is generally believed that PIA high-ups are responsible for the inconvenience to the passengers. The whole system needs overhauling. PIA is facing serious problems. The major problems faced by PIA are increase in oil prices, overstaffing, devaluation of local currency, political interference and its weak financial position since the last decade. PIA has suffered huge loss of more than 64 billion rupees from 2005 to 2008. It has also suffered huge losses in 2009 and 2010 particularly due to increase in the price of the fuel and devaluation of Pakistani rupee. It is, now, just like a white elephant. The bad governance, poor performance and corruption are the major causes of its failure. The Pakistan International Airline is a big organisation with more than 18000 employees. PIA was known all over the world for its excellent performance and superior quality. That was the golden period of PIA. But now it has lost its glory. Flight delays and cancellations have become the norm. Naturally this situation cannot be tolerated for an unlimited period of time. PIA will have to overcome its weaknesses. It has failed to resolve issues of its organisation. The average ratio of staff should not exceed 100 individuals per aircraft. Currently the ratio is 400 employees per aircraft. Pakistan International Airlines should give primary importance to the safety of the passengers. The public perception is that PIA high-ups are responsible for the present state of affairs. Some heads must for roll and competent staff brought in if the organisation is to be restored its past glory. MUHAMMAD DAHEEM, Lahore, November 23.