Social media brings the revolution in the world, but we the people of Pakistan are still too far from that revolution. We use the social websites (facebook, twitter, youtube etc) just for entertainment. Youth of this land upload their photos, videos and tagged pictures, songs from different websites on their own web pages. Friends and bloggers comment funny remarks and waste whole time only on chatting and pointless text messages. In some of the countries it has been felt that the phenomenon has assumed horrific proportions and excessive use of internet is causing obesity and heart problems among the youth. The catch is tha people sit on their chairs and sofas for hours. Once in South Korea it even caused a cardiac arrest. There is no doubt that this is the age of the global village and anyone who does not exist on the net is regarded as not existing but the side effects on the society must be assessed. We must stop taking things for granted and start questioning such notions. MAQBOOL SANDEELO, Karachi, November 23.