It is very unfortunate that every time something serious happens, we come to know about it either from foreign electronic media or from an American newspaper. Be it permitting the US CIA to start drones attack in FATA region or use of Pakistani airstrips, our leadership would never confide it in the people. The latest example is a report published by the Washington Post revealing that Islamabad is the largest CIA station in the world in term of deployment of personnel and resources. The bulk of the CIAs drones continue to patrol the countrys tribal region and killing innocent people in the garb of targeting al-Qaeda operatives. One wonders how this could happen. Whether the government or our security agencies had any knowledge of it or not? And if the answer is in the affirmative, why this information was not shared with the people? The authorities should be charged with criminal neglect. Since May 2, our relations with the United States reached their lowest ebb and there are no clear indicators if they are going to improve in the near future. What has added further embarrasment is the latest memogate scandal that has taken the job of Hussain Haqqani as Pakistans Ambassador to the United States. The government has ordered an inquiry, the outcome of which is expected to reveal other characters involved in the drama that culminated in a confrontational position between the civilian government and the countrys armed forces. Against the backdrop of these events, Prime Minister Gilani has designated former Information Minister Sherry Rehman as Haqqanis successor and the US State Department has already given a nod to her appointment, saying that it was looking forward to working with her. In her brief media interaction, Sherry Rehman stated that she would work for improvement of relations between the two capitals. Her appointment in Washington at a difficult time will no doubt be a challenge, but with many political well-wishers confident of her success, it's not a bad start. Apparently, the military top brass has no objection to her new assignment either. Ms Rehman is now yet another powerful woman occupying a key post in the Zardari government, preceded by the appointments of Ms Khar as Foreign Minister, Dr Firdous Ashiq Awan as Information Minister and Dr Fehmida Mirza as Speaker of the National Assembly.