LAHORE (PR): The cinema goers feel jubilant and gleeful through the super premium experience they come across during their visits to the three state of the art cinema houses at Vogue Towers. The General Manager of Super Cinema Col(r)Khurram explained, “we have taken great care to select the highest performing equipment to ensure that the paying movie goer enjoys the illusion of depth perception and goes home with a feeling of elation and ecstasy. It is the interest of the movie goer that has been recognised and given importance”.

As for the environment, Imran Mufti, Head of Operations of Super Cinema stated, “The interior is opulent and cinema seating, lighting and environment control most comfortable. Leather recliner seats provide the movie goer comfort and pleasure filled moments and a complete recreation for self, family and friends”.

Plush food court is an attraction to the food lovers. And Rana Farooq, Head of marketing rightly stated, “the movie lovers will be able to munch and eat and drink, as the movie takes you into a thrilling world”.

A refreshing addition is the Hollywood Boulevard, full of characters that we all align with. Hulk is there with others like Avatar, Spiderman and Batman. Parking facility is convenient with no irritants.