ISLAMABAD - Shaoor Foundation for Education and Awareness (SFEA) has finalised arrangements for holding a peace convention in the federal capital during the first week of December 2013.

The peace convention is aimed at educating the masses on the importance of peace. Participants would include individuals from all walks of life, representatives from civil society, students, teachers and the common man.

Through this peace convention the masses would be educated about the importance of peace.

"Without peace no society, no nation and even no individual can flourish. Peace leads to prosperity and it is our prime duty to focus on it as the country has suffered a lot due to disturbance of terrorism and extremisms," said Syed Ali Hameed, President of Shaoor Foundation.

He further said the peace convention in the capital would invite people from all walks of life to participate and share their experiences while elaborating the importance of peace in the society. It further encourages the nation to commit to a greater social responsibility and civic duty for achieving a stable and peaceful society.

"Share the message of peace and play your valuable part in contributing to a better and secure Pakistan. In the absence of peace, no society and no individual can flourish.

Peace ultimately leads to prosperity and it has lately been the prime focus as the country has suffered immense damage as a result of terrorism and extremism," he added

According to experts, peace-building is a challenging yet rewarding process which cannot be completed without sincere devotion and commitment towards addressing the root causes of violence and associated ills, he said.

For peace to prevail, people from all sectors ought to show firm commitment towards the need for peace and stability by participating and contributing in whatever capacity possible. Especially in the present situation when the entire state is exposed to the risk of uncertainty and turmoil, efforts for peace-building are inevitable. Collective efforts to fight violence and enhance awareness on the benefits of peace are a must, he said.

The peace convention demands all individuals irrespective of cast, colour, faith and socio-economic standing to work for mitigation and prevention of violence, thus urging every citizen to extend support for a positive change.