It is suggested that PCB must be totally revamped to make it function as a top class world level organization, with zero tolerance for old amateur and bureaucratic style of working. There should be a focused effort to remove corruption from the whole operation and the moto and vision statement should be “Better than the best”. Every department in the PCB must also be converted into a cost centre responsible for its revenues and expenses with this they should also shun the culture of politics and self serving policies. This is absolutely necessary, because culture of an organization is the environment under which all its employees perform their duties. What is needed by the PCB is to create a culture of team work, which stimulates the employees to work with absolute honesty and reorganizations and rewards.

However, the top leadership of the government and PCB must know very clearly that PCB cannot be turned into a first class world level organization by just transfers, postings, change of designations, hiring or firing of employees. In fact, such steps breed even more discontent and ill will among the employees. Till such time that PCB itself is turned into a centre of excellence; it can’t produce a bunch of players, who can be the world class players! For our players to excel at the international arena, on a constant level, PCB coaches need to repeatedly hammer into them that it is the national pride that is more important than personal gains and wealth. Moreover, the PCB think tank must plan for success with clear and measurable objectives.


Lahore, November 10.