It’s a mystery how we shut our eyes to utilizing disaster funds every time they happen. We like to be ‘knights in shining armor’, however bad we’re at it: because we have this little issue of only thinking about the temporary solutions and blisses.

Every time an earthquake hits us, we rush to collect funds. We get them from foreign aid, overseas Pakistanis, and from several organizations within Pakistan. It’s imaginable the amount of money that’s collected. For what? Temporary relief.

More importantly, why do we only fund for cure and not prevention? Why don’t we put our money in strengthening their foundations and fixing the architecture of these areas? We have architects. We can hire architects; it will pay off in the long run, when there will be less damage. Form organizations for collecting funds for architectural improvements, not for donations when crisis calls. Expand these establishments and spread awareness. Bring this to such a great level that it becomes a go-to means throughout the year and at a national level; for a long term solution! The cure is not as difficult as it sounds. For instance, we can use zakat.


Islamabad, November 14.