There might be a place on earth where a man could really be humanistic and instinctive. Because it has really become very difficult to express your opinion and give your opinion about a point you really have doubts about. Well, having doubts about a doctrine is another blasphemy which the lovers of that specific doctrine can’t really stand. People really keep their mouth shut just because it is good to have dirty water going under the bridge rather throwing their views into it and getting it splashed back on to their faces.

We, these days, are glued to the internet and mainstream media to learn of all wrongs and rights. Human liberty is at will to accept or denounce any belief. The virtually knitted world, through the internet, is more informed and prone to changes. Here, multiple beliefs are afloat with their millions of followers around the world.  These beliefs are made for humanity, humanity is not made for beliefs.

What a religion teaches and what it forbids is important to its followers, but insanity is born when someone’s personal level of affection for his creed leads him to believe that anything said, done or even presumed against the creed will be dealt with deadly consequences. Whether or not his creed/religion teaches any violence, it will be indispensable for him to annihilate anything which he perceives as wrong. Thus, saving his very religion or doctrine from being eliminated from the surface of this earth which he believes belongs to every soul created by his creator.

No religion has ever been in danger and can never be. It’s just the assumption of its followers and their weak belief about its existence which augment in them the feeling of insecurity. How come any religion can be so dependent upon the humans who follow it? Instead, it has the self-evolutionary power of existentialism which can lead to its survival. Though religion, being intuitive in nature, needs human beings for its practice and if that religion or belief is not strong enough to adhere with human nature and society, it will ultimately die off. The diminishing of any religion or belief can be the fear of any follower but it is not at all the primitive reality of that particular religion. Religion and beliefs, free from any fear, can actually be pure. Otherwise any believer can take the life of others just to keep alive his very own belief, which had been the practice of early men who used to sacrifice others to keep their gods and goddesses affectionate to them.

Apparently, the self-proclaimed dignity and affection for any idea, personality, or practice becomes possessively irresistible for the follower of any creed who considers the humanistic instinct so weird as if it isn’t a blessing bestowed by the very Creator he believes in. In fact, patience, humanity, and tolerance is the lesson of every doctrine, but when the fear of religion being flexible to new ideas strikes an ignorant man, he begins to fear this invasion of innovation which might attack his orthodox and cynical backwardness. Resultantly, he turns into a man who proclaims himself the protector of the ideology and justifies his stance of reaching any level of violence to protect it. And due to his emotional attachment with his belief, he always tries to exclaim his views as the collective belief.

There should be drawn a comprehensive line between the individual’s own belief about his religion and the collective belief of people. Because when a big number of people keeps a belief homogeneously, then its strength is determined by unity. Hence, a group of people with the ultimate desire to be affectionate to their beliefs are led to do such activities which they justify under the umbrella of their strength. And that strength is demonstrated by the expression of aggression and sometimes with barbarianism.

There is always a paradigm of any ideology which prevails for a certain period of time and if not upgraded with contemporary advancements, it either dies or gets molded into some other shape. That new form also fights for its survival to the extent of proving its existence at any cost. While history is full of such transformations, the demolition and rehabilitation of such groups and societies which once fought for their belief and then had to subdue with the modern coexisting powerful ideology, is also not uncommon.

Unfortunately the parasite of intolerance and taking revenge by killing others to satisfy one’s belief is so viral and dangerous that it can spread to any other part of the body without any prior intimation and apprehension by that part. Because someone’s peculiar attribution and level of affection is not other’s responsibility of apprehending that likely. One cannot just always have dual or multiple perceptions about one’s self believes. That is why humanity is said to be above any belief and even above religion. Albeit, this might sound offensive to many but every religion preaches humanity while the rest of its teachings surround around that center.

Undoubtedly the world is staged for our tests, and we have been enabled with both the capabilities of piety and sin at the same time. And there cannot be two only ends – right and wrong – but many intermediary stages, levels and phases till both ends. Reaching any end needs struggle and consistency. Even an evil nature can develop in a soul with deliberated efforts as does good. To develop ideology and belief, without self-contemplation and the urge to reach reality, can be a blindfold approach. Thus resulting in an incomplete belief which remains incompetent and in-cohesive with other beliefs. The ultimate belief certainly seeks a dialysis of thoughts, without fearing of any damage to the belief, because if it scares people, it shouldn’t be the belief.