On October 27, 2016, Dawn reported that the ADP refused to fund a mega dam project of Diamer Bhasha Dam due to a massive financial implication of 14 billion rupees. After repeated fictitious ceremonies of the dam we inaugurated we are now told that ADB has refused to fund it. It awaits a feasibility report of U.S.A. While the KBD feasibility report was done by World Bank which was ready to build it but due to political disharmony of provinces it was not done. We don’t want to build a dam whose feasibility was done by the World Bank and are bent upon building Diamer Bhasha Dam for which no funds are available.

How long will people be fooled to suck the life of Bhasha dam when no funds are available for the dam? Like a wild goose chase we are bent upon building a dam for which the international agencies are reluctant to fund. The government may not wait until doomsday for a dam to store water and generate cheap power at the same time like KBD but a firm resolution of the government is needed to resurrect the KBD from a simmering position to actually building it to save the region.


Lahore, October 27.