I wonder if I’ll ever be;               

The great man I want to be!


A hero, a leader, the heartbeat of a nation;

A man whose legend is full of exaggeration!


True of heart, yet surrounded by mystery

A man whose actions will echo in history!


Sharp of senses and ever wary of deceit;

A man who is impossible to cheat!


And when I meet a death of grace;

I leave this world a lesser place!


Well this was the man I idealized;

Before I so rightly realized!


That all that glitters is not gold;

Neither am I the one to be so bold!


In a world full of self-identifying ones;

I’ve always been among the quieter ones!

My identity, enclosed, inside an iron cage;

Seldom have I yearned for the center stage!


And years down the line, things often change;

Specially now that I’ve expanded my range!


The prerequisites of greatness no longer haunt;

I have a far better understanding of what I want!


Loveable, caring, and ever so kind;

A man whom material things do not bind!


Calm, courteous, and perhaps even blend;

But ever so smiling, extending a helping hand!


Gracious, head-bowed, and down to earth;

Among the good ones, you complain, are in dearth!


Going my own way, dodging all incoming darts;

A man who can mend the broken hearts!


Climbing, vigilantly, the famed mountains of Greece;

Healing my soul and in search of peace!


I’ve searched my heart, over and again;

To way back where my journey began!


Perhaps I’d fail, but maybe I can;

Succeed in becoming such a man!


Simple, unknown, and ever so humble;

Helping, and disappearing, before you can even mumble!


Part of the crowd, and walking free;

I’ll be invisible, but I’ll be me!


But in the back of my mind, even today;

Through the sleepless night, the slow-moving day!


I still wonder if I’ll ever be;

The version of a great man I so want to be!

Published in Young Nation magazine on October 8, 2016