It is a misconception that after the Zarb-e-Azb operation there will be no terrorist attacks and that we should relax. This operation has uprooted terrorists’ bases in Pakistan and minimised terrorist activities unfortunately these very terrorists have fled to Afghanistan and beyond our reach thus they still pose a threat. We should expect attacks for a long time and be vigilant. Those behind the terrorist attacks are following the standard textbook psychological warfare concepts of shattering the confidence of the nation and its political leadership, government and security forces.

By plunging the nation into a mutual blame-game of fear and mourning instead of uniting and becoming determined enough to fight back irrespective of the losses. It is our great misfortune that some myopic politicians even indulge in embarrassing the Pak Army which is the objective of our enemy. We are facing a warlike situation within our western and on our eastern border.

Our political leadership does not seem to realise the gravity of the situation and is carrying out normal politics of photo sessions and political mismanagement even on occasions like the Quetta tragedy instead of motivating and organising the nation to meet the challenge, the authorities relied on blame game tactics to deflect the opinion of the masses away from their lack of preparations.


Rawalpindi, October 26.