Justice Siddique is turning out to be the unlikely hero for the anti-Faizabad protest supporters. Khadim Rizvi would’ve thought that the judge from IHC, who has been prone to eccentric and religious judgments, would have been the perfect authority figure to support this destructive protest, but alas, it was a pairing that was not to be, as Justice Siddique harshly rejected the protest, terming it “unislamic” and called for the authorities to take physical action against them, including tear gas. After Ahsan Iqbal contradicted the orders and stopped the authorities in an attempt to talk to the authorities, the court after "taking notice" has now issued contempt of court proceeding against Ahsan Iqbal and started giving orders on resolving the sit-in and even the clause controversy itself.

By doing this the judge is playing in to the hands on the protesters and his demands for a "quick" and forceful expulsion of the protesters will exacerbate the situation. The office of the interior minister is not a straightforward, open-and-shut job; it requires extreme care and sensitivity around religious extremism. The contempt of court allegation against Ahsan Iqbal is unfair, since he will be the one to face the potentially huge consequences which could burst out of a confrontation, not the judge sitting in the safety of the court.  If the situation is allowed to escalate, some kind of dreadful violence may materialize. It is an indisputable fact that the other side has the numbers, and are not afraid of violence or confrontation; rather they welcome it and would be more than willing to sacrifice some men in exchange for their heavenly after-life rewards.

In our worlds of books and law, we sit upon podiums and stages, and condemn a government which lets a group of religious extremists hijack the main highway to Islamabad, despite orders from the Court, but in the real world of guns and hate, in a society where the funeral of Mumtaz Qadri drew 100,000 people, we have to realize the fact that for the Pakistani society, contempt of religious feeling is often stronger than contempt of court. The majority of Pakistani society and the government collectively disagrees with the circus that has taken siege in Faizabad and is disrupting everyday life; but it must be acknowledged that the situation is a sensitive one; a boiling pot which could explode anytime, thus one that needs to be dealt with extreme care and caution.