PR islamabad - The three-day Millennial Model United Nations, 2017 was officially commenced at the Roots Flagship Millennium Campus I/9-3, Islamabad and The Millennium University College TMUC Bahria Springs, Rawalpindi here on Friday. More than 1500 students from across the country participated in this mega event which aims to teach the delegates about the UN system and other global affairs.

The Opening Ceremony was presided over by Professor David Faulkner Founder CEO of Magna Carta College and Global Business School Oxford, Founder & CEO Roots Millennium Schools and The Millennium University Colleges.

Professor David Faulkner in his speech to the delegates expressed his pleasure at attending the event and spoke at length about how education is the only way forward. He further said that youth must play the largest role in creating the image of any country and that this is the time to pitch the countries in the global arena.

MMUN is a platform where students learn to engage through meaningful dialogue about significant global and local issues and are able to form practical solutions to overcome them. The process helps to increase their awareness on current affairs, international relations and their significance in the modern world. The event is an amalgamation of different cultures, mind set and delegates who travel nationwide to win a memorable experience. The culture of the Model United Nations Conferences has spread at a rapid pace throughout the world, and today, MUN is being taught as a course in some parts of the world. CEO Mr. Faisal Mushtaq TI understands that the current focus of intellectuals of the world has shifted from specialized knowledge to a more holistic development of the individual. Therefore, it is not only important for one to excel at what one does professionally but also have the perspective and insight required to become a responsible and well-informed citizen.

The talented students’ go through rigorous sessions of debates with their manqué mind set, speak to promote and support international cooperation to attain development for all. The students serve as a valuable source of reference in translating global commitments into national policies.

The MMUN 2017, conference opened with several exciting performances by the students of different tiers, promoting cultural diversity and unity.