The dilemma of unemployment, murder of merit etc haunt Muhajir youth is similar to the fate of these young people in Punjab, Rural Sind, KPK, Baluchistan, GB and FATA. Political leadership of PPP, PMLN, PMLQ etc have one thing in common with MQM, they all have no stakes in this country. Pakistan for them is an ideal place to exploit ethnic minorities, re, religion and poverty of masses living below poverty line. 

Only difference is that maximum employment opportunities exist in Karachi compared to other parts of country, but beneficiary of best paid jobs are cronies or relatives of elite group of Muhajirs who hold dual nationalities, instead of equally or more educated young from LaluKhait, FB Area, Orangi etc. Just like their age group in South Punjab and Rural Sind, they are victims of their own self claimed representatives, who other than ethnic identity have nothing in common with them. Education in government owned schools is neglected by design so that youth can be easily exploited for use as cannon fodder and street power. While school buildings in interior Sind, rural Punjab, KPK, Baluchistan etc are used to house animals of landowners, those in Karachi are places for recruiting and brainwashing children of poor. The Quota System must end now and merit restored for recruitment in Sind. 

The MQM has been in power since 1987 with brief interruptions. While their top party office holders have benefitted and own assets in Dubai, South Africa, Canada, UK, USA etc the vast majority continue to live in depravation and are even worse off than before. This dual nationality elite use political clout to get best jobs in Pakistan because they cannot find same in countries where they have migrated. A review of jobs in key state institutions like DMG, Police, National Bank, State Bank, CAA, PSO etc will reveal extent to which youth holding single Pakistani nationality inspite of better qualifications are being discriminated. 

T. ALI,  

Lahore, November 12.