LAHORE - Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shehbaz Sharif has said that instead of making hollow claims of bringing about change, revolutionary steps have been taken for public welfare. “Development projects of Punjab government are proof of the fact that the PML-N is given to the public service wholeheartedly,” the CM while talking to party parliamentarian who called on him here Friday.

Shehbaz said getting over energy crisis is achievement of the PML-N government.  He took a swipe at the PPP government saying not a single megawatt of electricity was produced by the previous government.  He said electricity projects have been completed in a record period of time wherein billions of rupees have also been saved. The credit goes to the PML-N for putting the country on road to development despite sit-ins and lockdown in the federal capital.

He said the PML-N has always done the politics of norms and the agenda of public service has been given priority. We are working honestly for a peaceful and secure Pakistan and transparency, along-with a culture of merit, has been promoted by eliminating the evils of nepotism, loot and corruption. He said the results of sincere efforts made to secure the motherland from different problems are evident before the people. He maintained that the genie of load-shedding has been overpowered and people have been saved from the darkness. The government has made the impossible, possible by completing energy projects in a record period of time. He said that public service and bringing development in the country is his mission which will be continued and added that he is fully committed to work for the prosperity of the people than ever before. Our every step is moving towards rapid development and the government has fulfilled its promises made with the people. It is satisfying that quality of life has been improved due to revolutionary steps as the provision of better facilities to the masses is the first priority of the government. The government has returned back the rights of the people by providing resources worth billions of rupees for their welfare. He said that due to the sincerely made efforts of the PML-N government, Pakistan is about to achieve its goal and vowed that government will go to every extent to complete the projects of development and prosperity.

Senator Muhammad Zafarullah Khan, lawmakers Muhammad Afzal Khan, Nasir Iqbal Bosal, Sajid Mehdi, Mohsin Shahnawaz Ranjha, Hameeda Waheeduddin, Muhammad Aoun Abbas and Khurram Ijaz Chatha met with the CM.