DERA GHAZI KHAN-The district administration has recommended disciplinary action against the Municipal Corporation (MC) chief officer on charges of misconduct and inefficiency here the other day.

Deputy Commissioner M Iqbal Mazhar has issued a letter to DG Khan division commissioner for disciplinary action against MC chief officer Abdus Sattar Ghaffar.

As per letter subject, the MC chief officer was directed to perform his duties about cleanliness of routes of 12th Rabiul Awal processions, removal of encroachments, raw materials, garbage, offensive wall posters, wall chalking/slogans etc but he did not complete the assignments.

DG Khan deputy commissioner along with district police officer and Saddr assistant commissioner visited the routes of the processions and found poor performance.

The MC chief officer had turned a deaf ear to all directions of the high-ups; he even ignored sensitivity of the situation and religious sanctity of the event. It seemed he had no ability to work on such important post of Municipal Corporation of Divisional Headquarters.

It is to be noted that the deputy commissioner had also issued a same kind of letter on November 11, 2018 in which he reported that there were heaps of garbage on main roads of the city representing very bad look. The roads leading to par ks were also found full of garbage. On November 8, 2018 a complaint from Chief Minister's office was received regarding a big manhole at Khuda Bakhsh Chowk.

The MC chief officer was directed to cover the manhole and clean the road. In a meeting on November 11, 2018 MC chief officer Abdus Sattar Ghaffar stated that repair to open manhole was underway.

But when the deputy commissioner visited the site, he found the road full of garbage heaps while repair to the manhole was also not started despite the lapse of three days.

In both letters, the deputy commissioner has recommended strict disciplinary proceeding against MC chief officer Abdus Sattar Ghaffar under Peeda Act-2006 on account of misconduct and inefficiency and legal action on account of his false statement before the high-ups.